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The Online, Offline, and RSVP Event Management Platform
Quickom is a comprehensive all-in-one platform for conferences/events, helping organizers focus on producing the best content, not the technology, in order to delight the audiences worldwide.
Event Support
Offline Event
A comprehensive ticketing service with payment and check-in function.
Online Event
All-in-one platform for your online event with ticket management system.
Hybrid Event
An online addition to your offline event.
The professional invitation system for VIP guests.
One Platform Seamless Experiences
Offline Event Tickets
Easily setup ticket packages
Flexible promotions with Early Bird, Bundle, Limited Deals
Intuitive redeem system at event place
Online Event Tickets
Exclusive integration with Quickom solutions
Each ticket is secured for one account per streaming session
Easily to manage information & join online
RSVP system
Automate the invitation card creation with customizable template.
Get Ready For Hybrid Events
Hybrid events enable you with more flexibility than ever before. Create equally engaging experiences for both your online and offline audiences to expand the impact of your events.
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